Guided Meditation MP3s

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Here are a few guided meditation MP3 files that you can download and use.  They work best if you listen to them through earphones.  Because they are meditations, and are meant to lead you to altered states of consciousness, you should not use them when driving or doing other tasks that require your full attention.

Astral Cup Meditation (2196) Astral Cup Meditation - Spoken Word Only (1424) Astral Tower Meditation (1824) Cerridwen's Cauldron (2138) Night Ride On A Broomstick (2317)

(The numbers after the name of each download link indicate how many times the file has been downloaded since it was posted here.)

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  • Mesmerized

    Thank You for such a wonderful selfless gift. I enjoyed the mediation greatly Namaste

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  • Lynn Case

    Thank you for sharing. Great meditations. Blessings.

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